The Cold War, Crochet Style

For the past 2 days,  I’ve been looking at various Russian websites.  Why,  I hear you ask?  Because the Russians are the premier (see what I did there) crocheters in the world!

They don’t use worded patterns,  they use charts.

They take this….extreeme-ripple-crochet-diagram


And with a hook and 2 hands,  turn that chart into this. . .056f947a2922366e21e6bef16a570361

They are amazing at their craft!

So, back to why I’m on their websites.  I’ve always wanted to design and create a maxi skirt.  Not the heavy maxi dress I made a year or so ago but a soft, free spirited version.  Earthy,  Bohemian,  Hippie.  You know the look. I was going to take various designs and put them together for a melting pot type of skirt but I needed to know an increasing measurement.  I figured I would find a similar skirt,  look at the pattern and see if those numbers would fit my pattern. Math is always absolute so I should be able to extrapolate numbers to what I needed to find.  Easy,  right?  Not if every pattern you find does NOT have numbers attached! Look at that diagram above, do you see numbers, measurements? No, because these Russian biatches are friggin’ geniuses at their craft! On one site, a commenter asked for the “pattern” even though the diagram was listed. Do you know what this particular Russian Crochet Queen of the World said? “Get off your ass and figure it out!” At that point, I stopped trying to get my numbers precise and I’m working on this darn skirt one stitch at a time. 2 days of squinting my eyes, having 63 tabs open (literally) and learning Russian through Google translate was all for naught. Those girls are looking down, laughing, knowing no one, especially an American, can beat them.

I do plan on making this ethereal skirt available to the public within a month or so. I have some events coming up, orders are continuously coming in but now that I’m running BPC full time, I should be able to get production streamlined. Trust me, this skirt so be worth the wait.

With that being said, I have seen very few American crocheters who can pass the smell treat with the Russians. You’re reading the blog of the first one who will.

Snowmageddon 2015!

I’m laying here in bed after my Florida vacation and I hear the plow trucks.  Again.  Welcome to Snowmageddon 2015!

Usually,  in the winter,  it’s not too difficult to stay trendy and warm.  But this year, many are having to opt for the real heavy coats, hats and scarves that do more than just look pretty.

download (2)

Those supposed winter scarves are more form than function.  They look semi-decent, are really cheap and you “think” they are keeping you warm.  That is,  until you try a handmade scarf.

Wool is a fantastic fiber.  It keeps you warm and allows your skin to breathe.  However,  when even the tiniest bit of heat release causes you to shiver,  dire action is needed.  Many poo poo acrylic but guess what?  Acrylic scarves hold the heat in! Yes, you wear the scarf on your neck or over your head and you will not freeze.  No heat is lost and I have found myself quite toasty and warm while out and about in our 4 feet of snow.

Black Pearl Creations Hand Crocheted Hats and Scarves
Black Pearl Creations Hand Crocheted Hats and Scarves

So what else do you need to survive the rest of Snowmageddon 2015?

* Snow boots. Not Uggs. Not rain boots. SNOW boots. Try Sorels. I live in mine.

* Mittens. They allow your fingers to share body heat and are warmer to wear than gloves.

* Moisturizer.  I live in Vaseline in the winter. It’s a skin protectant and your skin won’t look ashy (white people: pasty). Use a touch on your lips too.

* I don’t advocate wearing leggings add pants but I found the most adorable velour pair in Florida, of all places. The right pair can be warmer than s regular pair of pants.  I just drove 1500 miles from Florida and I was cozy  and warm. Paired with a tunic and boots, you can even wear them on casual Fridays at work.

* A hat and scarf set by Black Pearl. Enough said.

What have been your must haves for Snowmageddon 2015?

I’m Back!

*cue James Bond music*

Ahhh, yes!  I’m back!  But I’m going back to the original premise of this blog and that is to rebel in the world of crochet!

I’ve spent the last few years trying to wrap my head around this breast cancer thing and I’m just not there. But it’s not going to go away so I have to deal with it. On my own.  Because,  to be honest,  no one else really gives a rip.

So! I was laid off a couple of weeks ago and it hat only been a blessing in disguise.  I’m working for Black Pearl full time and I’m hoping to have a brick and mortar in June.

The pay holiday season was highly successful. I’m not sure if it was my simple but fun hat and scarf sets. ..

Black Pearl Creations Hat and Scarf Set
Black Pearl Creations Hat and Scarf Set

Or the fringe necklaces…

Black Pearl Creations Bohemian Fringe Necklaces
Black Pearl Creations Bohemian Fringe Necklaces

But whatever it was, I’m grateful!

So,  what’s in store?

I can’t reveal everything here (I found I have some imitators) but I can guarantee that now that I have the time to design and create how I want to,  things are about to be on and popping!

Whew! It’s Been A Long Time

I'm Back!

A lot has happened since my last post and I will update you all soon.

Now that I am almost 3 years cancer free, I thought it would go away and not be a part of my life. Then a fellow BC sister posted this video:

Now, I would have liked to think that when I returned to my blog it wouldn’t have been about cancer. And my position/status/role as a woman but here I am.

I remember not feeling like a woman (read here),and still don’t but HOW do we redefine breasts and feminity and womanhood? Those issues don’t even enter my life, they are just in my head. Does that make sense? I am not allowed to be a woman, in my life circumstances.

So, ultimately, we are (re)defining womanhood? I don’t feel I am more of a woman having children because I also have to be the provider which is defined as masculine. I repair things, shovel and so on. I have to be a man at home. In business, I have to act as a man so I am not taken advantage of and so larger entities will take me seriously. I am not afforded the luxury of receiving help or comfort.

Similarly, I don’t think Hiliary, Michelle or Condoleezza are seen as women either.

Their breasts define them…(?) What makes them (and myself) a woman?

Something changed after my diagnosis and I just didn’t (and don’t) feel like a woman. Cancer changes everything. It doesn’t go away just because the treatment is over.

It. Permeates. My. Soul.


In a better mood

It’s only the 3rd week of the new year and I already need to vent?? This does not bode well for 2012.

1. My B average at school sucks. I have 8 classes to go and even with A’s, I’m not going to make cum laude. If only you had any idea of how disappointed I am in myself. I could blame my health, being beaten, taking care of 2 kids on my own and a myriad of other things but the blame lies within me. I’m just not as smart as I thought and I have the audacity to think I can be accepted into Harvard’s PhD/JD program. Not.

2. A few of my friends have turned 40 in the last few months and they don’t look it. I look in the mirror and I see an old woman. (Doesn’t help that everyone sees a picture of my mom and says we look alike). I even tried to find some makeup while the fiance was visiting. Um, let’s just say that didn’t go too well and I washed it off as soon as I got home. My health (or lack of it) is manifesting in my looks and it’s ugly. And then trying to be a secure, confident fiance on top of that is not easy.

3. Speaking of health, the doctor’s visit was so much fun last week. I have 2 more follow up appointments for my liver and breast pain. I’m back on my meds with the crazy side effects because everyone else seems to think a 10% survival rate is better than 0%. Personally, I would rather deal with the devil I know than the one I don’t.

4. My neighbors are driving me up the wall with their loud music, TV’s and the little drummer boy.

5. My business is just not where is could be. I see other business owners opening shops, getting onto TV, getting celebrity endorsements, etc. I make a sale when I reduce prices by 80%. I know I make quality items but no one sees it enough to pay what the items are worth. I looked over competitors’ websites last week and some have over 1100 sales in the last 2 years. I have 87 in 4 years. What am I missing on that one??

6. My spiritual life is a disaster. I’m too weak to take a stand and I’m completely ashamed.

I’m just not having a good day. Do I feel better? A little. My fiance hates the fact I blog about every little thing. I just need him to understand this is cheaper and less inconvenient than me being committed to a facility. o_0

Another Year in Review Post…

One of our engagement photos

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and be retrospective and philosophical. Ok, if you know me, then you know I’m not either one of those; just a smarty pants!

I could say I wish 2011 never happened but after looking at my year in review, it was interesting to say the least.

2011: That pesky cancer came back.
Results: I got a mastectomy and a tummy tuck! I look fantastic in jeans now that I no longer have a kangaroo pouch!!

2011: I had my first experience with domestic violence.
Results: If not for his stupidity, I wouldn’t be with my honey bunny today.

2011: School kicked my butt.
Results: I completed 10 classes in 2011 with an above average GPA. One more year and then law school!

2011: I turned 40 this year.
Results: I’m a cancer survivor; ’nuff said!

I was also baptized this year. And my honey bunny is showing me that cancer doesn’t have to encompass our lives. Shout out to him for opening my eyes to living.


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