Step into Spring with an edge from Krave Collection and Black Pearl Creations!

Step into Spring with an edge from Krave Collection and Black Pearl Creations!

Jean Paul Gaultier moto jacket
$520 –

Valentino black bag
$2,035 –

Go Into Spring with an Edge With Krave Collection and Black Pearl Creations

Go Into Spring with an Edge With Krave Collection and Black Pearl Creations

Jean Paul Gaultier leather biker jacket
$520 –

Valentino black studded purse
$2,035 –

EMV Compliance and the Small (and Micro) Business Owner

Good morning!

EMV compliance. Ugh!

This is really for those who vend at events and use mobile payment processors.  I know some B & Ms do as well and this pertains to you.

Later this year,  credit cards will have chips instead of magnetic stripes.  This means you will have to have new equipment.  The equipment does NOT attach to your phone.  It is a small box.

October 1 is the date to remember.  If you do not have the new equipment,  fraud liability transfers to the merchant.  Read that again.  YOU will be responsible for any fraudulent transactions.  And trust me,  the thieves are going to look to see who is compliant.

1. Don’t panic.

2. Etsy is supposed to be on top of it but there is no information.  Just my opinion- I see why Etsy went public.  This change is very expensive and going public gave them the cash to become compliant. I’ve asked about it here, page 41:

3. Square has a reader for $49. You get back your processing fees (up to $49) in the first 3 months you accept payments.

4. Paypal has not issued their reader as of yet, that I’ve been able to find.

I’m just sharing what I’ve found.  I don’t know anymore than you.  I’m a small business that had online stores and I vend at several events per year.

I hope this at least puts it in the back of your head. October starts the shopping season so be prepared. screen-shot-2015-01-13-at-4-26-38-pm

Bell Bottoms the Black Pearl Way!

Growing up,  I was awkward.  I had no butt (still don’t). I want cute short but I wasn’t tall and slender either.  As a result, I rarely wrote jeans.  They just weren’t me.

A friend of mine posted that bell bottoms are back in style on Facebook.  I had to chuckle at some of the responses.

“I loved them! ”


Everyone has their opinion but at Black Pearl,  we LOVE them! And now that curves are in, the bell bottoms of today are made with this in mind.

Bell Bottoms with Fringe Necklaces by Black Pearl PhotoGrid_1433512985144 PhotoGrid_1433512957694

I visited Minnesota in April and raided my girlfriend’s closet. I got a ton of jeans, including bell bottoms and am awesome military green khaki jacket but that’s another post. I tried them all on and couldn’t believe how I looked!

I think I have found one of my “go to” outfits for the summer!

See more of my outfit here.

What do you think of bell bottoms?  Are you going to get some?

New York Does It Again

Black Pearl’s vending trip to New York was a success in more than one aspect.

1. I received great positive feedback and made some money. Made some great connections and had a good time. There is potential for this market and I would like to see it grow.

My setup at the Harlem Popup Shop.
My setup at the Harlem Popup Shop.

2. I got a henna tattoo for my reconstructed breast! If you have been following my journey, you know that a tattoo had been on my wish list for my reconstructed breast. But, I admit, I’m a wimp when it comes to pain. I know, crazy right? Anyway, I’ve interviewed some tattooists and even though they may have be capable, they didn’t make me feel comfortable. Then I meet Natalia, a lively hall from Trinidad and Tobago. Wet get along so well that I’m comfortable enough to get my henna right then and there! Her instagram is

As you can see, sge does great work. Please support this young lady!

My henna tattoo on my reconstructed breast.
My henna tattoo on my reconstructed breast.

3. People who said they were going to come by and support actually did so! Love you guys!

Me and Kenneth finally meet!
Me and Kenneth finally meet!
Raquel and I lighting up New York!
Raquel and I lighting up New York!

4. But, in all places of the world, New York restored my faith in humanity.

There was a 13 year old boy on the subway with his bike. He had his backpack and looked a little tired. He offered me his seat while the 40+ year old “man” did not (yeah, I saw you dude). I refused and told the boy to rest. At the next stop, he scooched over and insisted.

Walking back from the restaurant, there was an old woman in front of Popeyes. She didn’t look homeless but she didn’t look the greatest either. Something compelled me, “Mama, are you alright?” She said she wanted a dollar for a piece of chicken. My friend gave her $5. She took off right into Popeyes. She was no scam artist, she was hungry!

On another train, there was another elder. She was asking for money in Spanish. I don’t know Spanish, I swear. She was just talking and talking. But yet, I knew what she was asking. I was squeezed in between 2 men so much so that I had to sit on the edge of the seat. I didn’t want to pull out my whole wallet on a crowded train. I reached into my purse and found a wad of one’s. The young, very handsome man next to me gave her a dollar. I asked him what was she saying and he said she is looking for a quarter for food. I passed the money to him and he gave it to her. 3 other women that had that NY scowl (you know what I mean :-)) also gave her money! Another man helped her to sit down. The man next to me told me he would sit on the edge and for me to sit back. Everyone lightened up and smiled.

I pray for that young man to grow into a full and prosperous life. I pray those 2 elders have food everyday until they leave us. I pray for the young man who gave the dollar to do well in his infantile football career.

I ask questions of everyone I meet so I know a little tidbit about them. I get to carry them with me everyday.

Thank you, New York for once again showing your humanity. Yes, I do ♡ NY.

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